Dirty Vacuum Cleaner Filters and Bags can recycle harmful particles back into the air that can stay airborne for up to 4 hours...Fresh Clean HEPA vacuum bags and filters offer Superior Filtration in the critical .3 to 1 Micron range...Utilizing Both HEPA Bags and HEPA Filters Significantly Reduces Harmful Airborne Particles in your Home & Office! Please Keep your Family Safe!!

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Fresh Vacuum Cleaner Bags and Filters Provide Clean Healthy Air for Your Family, Home, Office AND Lungs! Protect them Every Day!

Question: Why was my order marked "Canceled"?

Answer 1: MESSAGE LINE TO US READS "I HOPE THESE FIT..." An order will be automatically canceled if we receive a message on the message line that says in part "I hope these fit my vacuum..." or "if these don't work on my vacuum I'm sending them back..." or any similar statement.
If you are not sure what product to order, please e-mail us FIRST with a Make and Model Number and we will be happy to research it and direct you to the correct product.

Answer 2: INVALID SHIP TO ADDRESS - Currently we only ship through either the US Postal Service (USPS) or Federal Express (FedEx). To ship an order through the US Postal Service we need the address that mail is sent to, for example: a Post Office Box. If a valid physical address and a valid US Postal Service mailing address cannot be supplied to our shipping department within a reasonable amount of time (24-48 hours) the order will be automatically "Canceled".

Answer 3: Any orders for Janitized product being shipped to ALASKA and HAWAII will be marked cancelled without notice.

Question: Why was my order marked "Canceled"?
Item# OrderCanceled
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